Commercial vehicle insurance

If you are a owner of an enterprise, you know the benefits of taking  commercial vehicle insurance.  It can save you from huge losses and inconvenience, in your business. It can also safeguard against third party losses.

These days, insurance companies can provide you with a bouquets of options on your commercial vehicle like goods carrier, passenger carriers, trailers , tractors, cranes, specialized vehicles and commercial fleets.

Types of Commercial vehicle Insurance covers

  • Third Party liability – This includes the cover for cost of damage (death or bodily injury) to a third party by the insured commercial vehicle.
  • Loss or damage to insured commercial vehicle itself due to:
    1. Accident by external means
    2. fire explosion, self ignition or lightning
    3. burglary/housebreaking/theft
    4. riot or strikes
    5. Natural disasters like earthquake, flood, cyclone, etc.
    6. malicious act
    7. terrorist activity
    8. landslide rockslide
  • Personal accident covers for owner and/or driver in case of accidental death or total disability.

As a commercial vehicle owner, you would also know that whenever a commercial vehicle crosses any RTO, Insurances is one of the main papers that are checked. Not having an insurance with your driver, can delay the delivery of your goods , along with an imposition of fine from the RTO. This is only from a compliance viewpoint, we should also understand the risks that we run, if we have less or no insurance of the vehicle and the goods that it carries.
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