Commercial vehicle insurance coverage

What damages are covered by the Commercial Vehicle insurance coverage?

It is advisable to go through the list as mentioned in the insurer proposal document, but generally the commercial vehicle insurance coverage takes care of the following. (assuming comprehensive policy)

  • Third party damage expenses, including damage to property and person.
  • Damage to the vehicle due to Fire, explosion, lightning.
  • Riot and Strike
  • Natural disasters like Earthquake, flood, cyclone, etc (not drought)
  • Accidents through external means.
  • Malicious acts
  • Terrorism acts
  • Land slide/Rock slide.
  • Personal accident cover to the owner/driver of the insured vehicle.

There are certain eventualities that are not covered in Commercial Vehicle insurance coverage?

  • Driving without license
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  • Accidents beyond geographic limits.
  • If the vehicle is being used for unlawful purposes.
  • Electrical / Mechanical breakdowns.
  • Losses due to war, nuclear weapons etc.

The inclusions and exclusions varies from one insurer to the other, the list above is just indicative. You should read the policy document carefully before finalizing the insurer and features to be included.


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