Van insurance

A Van Insurance can be done in the same way as commercial insurance, since a van is primarily used as a commercial vehicle. You will need to identify insurance providers who cater to insurance vans.

Types of Commercial vehicle Insurance covers

  • Third Party liability – This includes the cover for cost of damage (death or bodily injury) to a third party by the insured vehicle van.
  • Loss or damage to insured vehicle itself due to:
    1. Accident by external means
    2. fire explosion, self ignition or lightning
    3. burglary/housebreaking/theft
    4. riot or strikes
    5. Natural disasters like earthquake, flood, cyclone, etc.
    6. malicious act
    7. terrorist activity
    8. landslide rockslide
  • Personal accident covers for owner and/or driver of a van in case of accidental death or total disability.

Premium Calculations for your van insurance.

Like other types of motor insurance, a Van insurance quote is determined by a host of factors, some of which are :

  1. IDV (Insured Declared Value)
  2. Class of vehicle (van).
  3. Cubic capacity of van
  4. Seating capacity of van
  5. Previous insurance history of van
  6. Location of Registration of the van.

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