5 things to do in case of an accident ?

Assuming that you have taken a comprehensive car insurance with us. – When the accident happens, first thing is to check if all persons involved in the accident are safe. Everything else can be easily repaired through Insurance means. If there are any injured persons, (whether with you or another party involved in the accident), first thing is to ensure that they are taken to the hospital immediately.

Second, before the scene of the accident gets crowded by public, it is advised to take a few photos of the scene. This will help you illustrate points in your favour, for example.. where you driving on wrong side of the road, the exact narration of whose fault it was. Remember that the photos are yours, and you can choose which ones to show to support your side of the story. Hence it is highly recommended. We do come across stories wherein the party at fault tries to construct a new story and blame things on you.. So camera is necessary.
Third, keep the insurance policy and the car helpline numbers always in the glove compartment, and use it to contact emergency services. You would beed towing services from the nearest garage/town. Most insurance companies also provide such contact details. There are breakdown insurance also, or third party service providers which cover such exigencies.
Fourth, Keep a record of all bills that you pay for towing your car, or other necessary expenses incurred due to and after the accident. Make sure that the car is towed to a service centre which provides cashless services. This will create less burden on your pocket.
While taking your insurance policy, we recommend that you opt for “zero depreciation” adders. This will cover full cost of plastic and rubber parts, which are usually only covered for a small fraction. This might save around 10,000/- in repair works from your own pocket.
Last but not least, do not forget to file an FIR for serious accidents. It is not a difficult thing, and police helps and understands your situation. Filing FIR gives a lot of credibility to your claims. The police does preliminary investigation of the accident and captures correct details of parties involved. With FIR, your claims will sail through approval stages.
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