Car insurance against theft

When we buy a car, we have to make sure to get car insurance in case you, or someone else, causes damage on the road. Getting a car fixed, especially when the damage is major, can be very expensive, let alone the costs of hospitalising someone if there is physical damage too. It is self-evident to have your car insured for unfortunate costs like these, but did you know that you can also get car insurance against theft?

According to the Mumbai Police, more than 36.000 people have had their vehicles stolen per year, over the past three years. More than ten percent of these stolen cars, were stolen in Mumbai. This indicates that car theft is a serious problem in India, especially in the bigger cities like Mumbai.

Of the stolen cars from last year, only 14.500 were traced back. The striking thing is that most of these cars were found back in Pratapgarh, a district in Uttar Pradesh. Pratapgarh is home to many of India’s finest car breakers and key duplicators.

The brands that are most popular to steal, are the heavier cars, like Scorpio, Tavera and Bolero. But the cars are not sold in the state that they were stolen in. All extra’s, like accessories, car radio’s, and airbags are stripped from the car, to be sold off at the infamous Chor Bazaar in Mumbai, at high prices. Even the car logos are stripped off the car to be sold at the bazaar. The car thieves are ruthless, as even a few Boleros from the Mumbai police force were stolen last year.

This points out car insurance against theft is far from a superfluous luxury when you are a car owner in Mumbai.

Nasheed Khatri

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