Car Safety Features Overview

The safety level that is maintained for a car, by the owner, is among the various factors considered by insurance companies in India when providing car insurance. Even when opting for car insurance online in India, insurance companies count the features that boost the safety of a car. They also examine how such features installed in a car effectively protect it from crashes. Unfortunately, buyers in India either do not purchase cars with high-end safety features since they tend to be costlier or manufacturers do not install such features. Hence, car owners in India who want to make their car safer and bring down the car insurance premium rate, should explore the following features.

– Car owners who do not want their head to collide into the dashboard or steering wheel during a crash, should install air bag in their car. Air bags should be installed in the dashboard, door linings and steering wheel, so they may pop out accordingly, depending on the severity of a crash.

– Car owners who are concerned about ending up in a situation where they may have to suddenly apply brakes, an anti-lock brake system (ABS) can prove to be useful. The ABS is capable of maintaining traction between the road and tyres, so that a car does not skid when the brakes are applied all of a sudden.

– Another feature that can help ensure that a car never slides and spins out of control, if the brakes are ever applied suddenly, is an electronic stability control.

– Whether driving through an area that has dim lights or no lights at all, automatic headlights can also prove to be useful whenever the light conditions are low, since they turn on automatically.

In India, the installation of safety features like the ones mentioned above can enable car owners to get a discount anywhere between 2% and 5% on their car insurance premium. For instance, if Rs. 6000 per annum is the premium that a car insurance company is charging, they may offer a discount anywhere between Rs. 100 and Rs. 300 if safety features like the ones above are installed. Car owners can even save up to Rs. 500 on their annual car insurance premiumĀ if they have installed a substantial number of safety features in their car, which can prove to be beneficial in the long run.

It has been observed that people are often in search of cheap car insurance online in India. If not, they are certainly frequently in search of discounts that will lower their auto insurance rates. Of course, auto insurance premium rates can be lowered through many other ways, but adding safety features to a car is probably the best and most feasible way to do so. Not only can car owners lower their premium amount this way, they can also be certain that they will remain safe if they ever end up in an accident. Ultimately, that is what matters the most. When applying for a car insurance policy, even when doing it online, car owners should make sure they mention the safety features that are installed in their car, so that they are offered a lower premium amount.


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