Cashless Car Insurance – Everything You Must Know!

Owning a car is a dream nurtured since childhood for many and is certainly a very significant milestone in one’s life. Like a twin to the new car comes the need to purchase the most suitable car insurance policy for enhanced safety and greater peace of mind. Car insurance quotes in India can be obtained online as well as through offline media from multiple insurance providers and subjected to detailed review before making the final choice.

Read on to find out about cashless car insurance policy plans along with their key benefits and limitations.

How does a cashless car insurance policy work?
Cashless insurance first started with the healthcare sector where the insurance holder could avail instant medical assistance from selected hospitals and the expenses of the treatment were paid up directly by the insurance provider. Cashless car insurance also works in a similar manner where car owners go to selected car care centers or garages to repair the damages caused to the vehicle.

How to secure a cashless car insurance policy efficiently?
There are two options when it comes to picking the cashless car insurance. If an individual buys the cashless car insurance from the authorized agent of the car manufacturer, he or she is eligible for repair services in any car care center that belongs to the network of the manufacturer. However, the premium tends to be higher as the car owner gets access to genuine spare parts easily and the quality of the service will reflect on the performance of their manufacturer’s product. Another option would be to do some research online and choose a policy that seems most relevant for the car owner. In this case, the number and location of garages included and the suitability of vehicle type for such garages must be duly checked.

What are the key benefits of this type of car insurance?
Cashless car insurance comes as a savior when the owner is not prepared to handle an emergency situation. The responsibility of the repair services lies with the insurance company and a reliable provider will ensure that there is no compromise on the quality of the service.

Who needs a cashless car insurance policy?
Luxury car owners who need instant access to genuine car parts and for those who do not want to rely on local garages, cashless car insurance is a boon.

While obtaining car insurance quotes for cashless policies, one must double-check the list of repair services offered through the policy and also ensure that a minimum of one authorized garage is in close proximity to the place of residence or work. Click here to know more about car insurance quotes in India.

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