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Benefits Of Availing Online Renewal For Two Wheeler Insurance

With the growing influence of online resources, it has become easier to avail insurance and its renewal through this mode. Vehicle insurance is applicable for one year and it has to be renewed subsequently. In this regard, it is imperative to remember that there shouldn’t be any lapse in the renewal because it complicates the process of verification and reduces your chances to negotiate the terms. Hence, renew the policy before it lapses. You can consider online renewal for this purpose.

There are many benefits associated with online two wheeler insurance renewal in India.

Compare and Save:

Online renewal process gives you an opportunity to compare the insurance policies and save your money. It can save you up to 40-50% on premiums. Furthermore, you can avail various other benefits like no claim bonus, personal accident cover, and roadside assistance at a well-discounted price.

No More Worrisome Documentation:

Mostly, insurance policy documents need to be preserved with utmost care. You can’t afford to lose them because their retrieval becomes a cumbersome process. Here, online policy saves you from many hassles. You can easily get your policy as and when required.

It Is Simple And Time-Saving:

This is one of the most intriguing benefits of online vehicle renewal. It is easy to buy a renewal through this mode. You simply need to provide all the information required by the insurer along with your credentials. The insurer will approve this information instantly and it’s done. The complete procedure takes a few minutes. Another advantage is it’s round the clock availability. You can renew your two-wheeler insurance anytime and from anywhere.

It Gives You Periodic Reminders:

Many vehicle owners miss the date of renewal and they have to buy it at a higher amount after following a tiring process subsequently. However, you can resolve this quandary through online insurance renewal. The insurance company can send you regular reminders much before the expiry of its term. You can provide your email id and register your vehicle details on the online portal and get periodic reminders through free emails.

Offers Expert Advice:

In case you aren’t sure about the renewal policy that you must choose, you can take help from online experts. They offer free consultation about different policies after going through your credentials and requirements. This saves you from many hassles and unnecessary expenditure.

Due to all these reasons, it is quite simpler and highly advantageous to buy online two wheeler insurance renewal in India.

Top 5 Irresistible bikes launched in India in 2015

Who doesn’t drool over irresistible and enticing motor bikes? If you too are one of those, have a

look at the latest bike launches in India and gear up to buy your beauty.

1. Hero HX250R: With 249 cc engine, this single-cylinder beauty is just ravishing. Easily

available within Rs 2 lakh, it is mated to a six-speed transmission and is good for 31bhp and

26Nm. Well, it claims to do 0-100kmph in less than 8 seconds with the adrenaline-gushing

speed of 160Km/h.

2. Bajaj Pulsar 200SS: A full-faired and better version of Pulsar 200NS, it is acclaimed to be

the first full-faired motorcycle launched by Bajaj Auto. It’s muscular and sleek designs with

twin projector headlamps and edgy fairing gives it a menacing look. Its secret lies with its

199.5cc, liquid-cooled as well as triple spark engine. It is available under Rs 2 lakhs.

3. Honda CBR650F: Applauded as a remarkable and competent motor bike, it is being

manufactured in the newly opened Tapukara plant in Rajasthan. Its power lies with the

649cc, liquid-cooled, four-cylinder motor. Coupled to a six-speeder, its motor pumps out at

86bhp at 11,000 rpm with a peak torque of 63Nm at 8000rpm. It would definitely create

more grunt on the roads and have ample breaking power with its dual font discs. It is

available in the Indian market under Rs 8 lakhs.

4. UM Renegade Commando: Meant for the macho physique, the American UM

Motorcycles has tied up with Lohia Auto based in Noida, to launch this special range under

250-350cc in India. This low-swung and stylish cruiser is powered by a single-cyclinder,

223cc air-cooled engine with a peak torque of 15.5Nm at 5500rpm. Its wide set handle bars

are its main USP, along with hydraulic telescopic front suspension. It is easily available under

2-3 lakhs.

5. Benelli Motorcycles: Get ready for the Italian rush this season with Benelli Motorcycles

hitting the Indian roads with DSK MotoWheels. The ravishing 5 ranges of Benelli

Motorbikes are available in the first launch. In the second launch, the most awaited TNT 25,

the liquid-cooled and single-cycle 249cc street fighter would shoot into limelight. This

budget cruisers in the 200-500cc range is more than a mere delight. So, stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, when you purchase these beauties, do not forget to get your

motor insurance along with it. After all, it’s important to protect the magic, isn’t it?

Mojo tribe and Royal’s move in Europe


This month has been full of action, for Indian Bike enthusiasts. Mahindra launched Mojo (and Mojo Tribe), and Royal enfield opened up its stores in France and Spain.
Royal Enfield wants to take “india to the world”, and with it, its brand name!  They have opened up stores at Madrid in Spain and Paris in France. Both these markets have shown high growth rates for them compared to their last year performance, and hence they see a strong potential.
France is the biggest market in Europe on two wheelers, though the absolute numbers are much lower than India. Spain is in one of the most aggressively growing ones, so in that sense Royal Enfield has picked up these options well.
It will launch its 250-750 cc range in these countries. In line with developing a good brand, they have also launched their gear collection of motorcycle apparels and accessories in these markets. We will keep a close watch on their future in these markets.
Talking about brand promotions, Mahindra has launched Mojo in India in a very unique way. But first the specs. Its a 300 cc bike with advanced electronic fuel ignition, iridium spark plug, resonator fitted intake system with 21 litres fuel tank and twin exhausts, priced at 1.5 lacs. The way they have branded it, is making social media waves.
They have made Mojo tribe, with a cult like mission and vision documents. This is being actively promoted from Mahindra side. The company also launched this bike with a Long ride undertaken from Pune to Bhopal, by the very men who helped in designing the bike. So the visionaries and the executioners alike drove this bike, while the ride was promoted on media platforms.
We see this as signs of Indian manufacturers appreciating the fact that riding is not just a means of transport, but a lifestyle habit too. We hope that the industry also promotes adequate bike insurance coverage,which is right now lamenting at less then 33% of total Indian bikes on road, despite it being mandatory.
Do keep checking for more interesting stuff that we feel are relevant to the indian motor industry and to read our experts take on Insurance nuances, premium and coverage details.

2015 New Bike releases in 2nd Half

2015 isn’t over yet, and the line up of most waited bike launches is ready. Go through our list to get a grip of what to expect this festive season.

In this 2 part series, we bring not just the names but also the exact specifications to expect in your new dream machine.

Ensure that you get complete coverage of your bike by insuring it with a good insurance provider. you can read other articles here about this.

Specifications Engine Power Expected Launch Date Expected Price
Hero HX250R 249 CC, 4 Stroke 31 BHP, 26 Nm Mid 2015 1.5 to 2 lakhs
Hero Hastur 620cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled 78bhp, 72Nm Late 2015 Rs. 4 lakh – Rs. 5 lakh
Hero ZIR scooter 157cc single-cylinder 13.8bhp, 12.7Nm Q1, 2015 Rs. 75, 000 – Rs. 90, 000
Hero Leap hybrid electric scooter 124cc 10.7bhp, 60Nm Early 2015 Rs. 75, 000 – Rs. 1.10 lakh
Hero Dash 110 CC 111cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled 8.5bhp, 9.4Nm Mid 2015 Rs. 50,000
Hero Dare 125cc scooter 125cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled 9.1bhp, 9.5Nm Festive Season Rs. 55,000 – Rs. 60,000
Honda CB300F 286, single-cylinder 30bhp, 27Nm First half of 2015 Rs. 2.5 lakh
Honda CB500F 471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin 47bhp, 43Nm First half of 2015 Rs. 5 lakh
Honda CB500X 471cc, liquid-cooled parallel-twin 47bhp, 43Nm Mid 2015 Rs. 5.5 lakh – Rs. 6 lakh
Honda CBR300R 286cc, single-cylinder 30bhp, 27Nm First Half of 2015 Rs. 2.5 – Rs. 2.8 lakh
Honda CBR500R 500cc, twin-cylinder 46bhp, 43Nm Mid 2015 Around Rs. 5 lakh

look out for this space, and we will list 10 more releases from yamaha, Bajaj, KTM and TVS.


Bike Insurance Claim Rejection : How to prevent it.

This article also holds true for Car insurance claim rejections as well. We are putting in some of the points that you can never ignore. If you did, you will loose out on the claim money, even if your insurance policy is still valid.

  1. Driving License : The driver of the vehicle, can be you, your friend or your hired driver. But his/her driving license needs to be valid, and for that category of vehicle. i.e. if the license is for Bikes, and the accident is of a car, Insurance companies can reject your claim.
  2. Drunk Driving : If it is established that the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, then Insurance company will reject it. Usually it is described in the police report which is filed after the incident.
  3. Dangerous Actions : your normal insurance will not be valid if you are participating in demolition derby 😉 or rally racing. Get a clarity from your insurance company about the specific insurance requirements if you plan to participate in such events.
  4. Usage of vehicle other than defined with the insurers. – If its a private vehicle and it was being used for commercial purposes, then the insurance provider has all the right to reject your claim. So if you intend to use it for commercial purposes, then you need to declare it as such. (even if your insurance agent gives you a ‘friendly’ advise not to).
Underlying assumption in this is that your policy is valid for the vehicle stated, and should have all the add on carefully selected. If you need any help on this, please feel free to browse our other pages and write to us for any clarifications. Our experts would be happy to help you.

Latest Bike Launches : Honda and Triumph

Honda Revfest : With the new Honda Reefiest finally here, HMSI has announced CBR650, CBR150R, CBR250 and CBHornet 160R. Its flagship product CBR650F will be “Made in India”. It will be positioned as elite class bike, with a price tag of Rs. 7.3 Lacs and sold through Wing World dealerships across India. The CBR 650F comes with a 649cc, inline 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, four-stroke petrol engine with a total power output of 86BHP and 63 Nm of maximum torque, and is mated to a six-speed transmission.

The event Revfest itself has been held simultaneously across 8 cities (New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Indore and Ahmedabad) on August 4, 2015. Honda is inching its way towards establishing Rev Fest as the prime show for all bike lovers.

The event added additional glamor by bringing in Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, actress Taapsee Pannu, a ramp show and live performances by 17 top artists of India.


In Another launch event, Triumph Motorcycles launched their new offerings, TIGER 800 XR. Priced at 10.5 lacs, this is a all out adventure Bike, tailor-made for bike enthusiasts. This bike will also be launched and made in India, through CKD (complete knock-down) kit method.


We can assist with your insurance need for these premium bikes. These are novel bikes, and a comprehensive zero down payment insurance would be the best to ensure that you have a hassle free ride, enjoying these bikes or any other adventure variants. Just enter your details in the form and leave the rest to us.

5 ways to reduce your car insurance premium

There are a lot of changes happening in the insurance industry these days. Insurance companies are crunching a lot of historical data and coming out with policies or strategies to benefit good customer set. These are based on new parameters that they have found to behave better overall. As a normal policy owner/renewer , it will be good if you know them well to take advantage of these.

1) Voluntary deductibles : This means that customer opts out of minor claims. This essentially says that customer is willing to get minor claims settled by his own, without bothering the insurance agency. When this happens, Insurance agency will be more than willing to give him/her additional discounts. It does so, because a lot of costs overheads are saved, if minor claims are not managed by it.

2) Safety Features : Most of us do not put emphasis on safety features which are installed in your vehicle, while declaring for insurance. This results in the normal premium changes for insurance. If you can declare anti-theft device, and other safety features, which you feel are resulting in reducing the probability loss or accident, for example air-bags, then upto 5% additional premium can be lowered by the insurance companies.

3) Automobile association : Membership of automobile associations indicates that the owner is interested and knows well about automobiles. This gives the insurers additional comfort about the well being of vehicles, in that owner’s hands. Hence, for such customers, they are open to reducing the premium on “own damage”. This clause is often not used by general public and you should enquire about it with your insurers.

4) Buy/express interest online. – When you express your interest online for insurance, you reduce the insurer’s cost of reaching out to you. This is applicable even when the actual purchase is not online, but just the intent is expressed and the closure happens only after you meet the insurance agent in person. Hence it can be the best of both world, you can grill the insurance agent with your queries, and still take advantage of the savings done by the insurance firm.

5)  No claim bonus : This is one of the most obvious methods of reducing your insurance premiums. This also has been covered extensively in our articles. You can read about it in complete detail by surfing the links below.

Apart from these big 5 headers, there are also sections like make and model of the vehicle, driver’s age and profession, city of vehicle registration etc. All of these goes a long way in ensuring that you get the cheapest rates available for your car or motor insurance premium.