Driving without car insurance

In most countries it is mandatory to get insurance when you drive a vehicle. There are penalties for driving without insurance. This is also the case in India. Some of the most common penalties for driving without insurance are the suspension of your driving license, the suspension of your vehicle’s registration, and the charging of a fine or even imprisonment when you don’t pay the fine. In Britain they have even decided to make driving with an uninsured car illegal. So what is it that makes car insurance to be deemed as so incredibly important? Shouldn’t it be your own choice to decide whether you want to be insured or not? This blog will tell you more.

The reason why car insurance is so important is because car accidents often happen. Each time you drive your car you run the risk of getting into one. And perhaps more importantly: accidents can be very costly. Cars will need repair (if possible) and the road has to be cleaned up afterwards if there is a lot of debris. Traffic jams also cost a lot of money. Since we cannot rely on people to own up all of these costs when involved in accidents, we will have to rely on car insurances.

Furthermore, even though car insurances might cost a lot, they are not all that bad. They save you a lot of time when you are involved in an accident. The insurer will help you find a great repair shop and they will also help you with the processing of claims. If you have just been in an accident it is nice to know that there is someone there to check your back.

Nasheed Khatri

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