Effective Tips to Choose the Best Car Insurance Plan in India

As the traffic on Indian roads is overloaded, the risk of running a car has increased drastically in the recent years. It is utmost important to prefer an accomplished car insurance in India to negate such high risks. Buying car insurance can be overwhelming. There are countless insurance companies offering lucrative facilities and features making it hard to choose. Their complex terms & conditions can shrink your advantages.


So, it is important to read between the lines as well. Due to lack of time, it is nearly impossible to comprehend all these. In that case, you can go through some simple points to analyze the genuineness and reliability of insurance. Here are given some of these facts which are crucial and beneficial while buying car insurance.

The Performance of Insurance Provider:

Performance implies the ability of the company to resolve the issues related to claim settlement. True colors of the insurance company are revealed when you make a claim in the case of any event. You can check the claim settlement ratio of the company till date before purchasing its policy. This is tracked on the basis of previous claims settled by that company. The average claim settlement ratio should always be on the higher side.

Check The Customer Reviews:

Car insurance companies in India provide inspection facility or damage inspection facility at your doorstep. So, choose the policy from an insurer who provides complete customer service, right from selling to claim settlement as per your convenience. Ensure that the company executives are available on service numbers at the time of emergencies. To gain information regarding such issues, you can check the customer reviews of insurance companies from any neutral site.

It Should Offer Complete Coverage:

While selecting an insurance plan, it is equally important to look for terms and conditions, particularly the section which reveals the insurance coverage in the case of an accident. A Comprehensive cover includes own damage cover and third party liability cover. Own damage coverage prevents a monetary loss in the case of own damage and third party liability provides insurance cover to the person with whom you met with an accident. Remember, third party cover is compulsory as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

Apart from these, there are several other factors like cost and discount that you can consider while buying car insurance in India. It can offer you additional perks like discounts in the form of NCB and other promotional offers through online purchase of insurance.

Nasheed Khatri

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