Mojo tribe and Royal’s move in Europe


This month has been full of action, for Indian Bike enthusiasts. Mahindra launched Mojo (and Mojo Tribe), and Royal enfield opened up its stores in France and Spain.
Royal Enfield wants to take “india to the world”, and with it, its brand name!  They have opened up stores at Madrid in Spain and Paris in France. Both these markets have shown high growth rates for them compared to their last year performance, and hence they see a strong potential.
France is the biggest market in Europe on two wheelers, though the absolute numbers are much lower than India. Spain is in one of the most aggressively growing ones, so in that sense Royal Enfield has picked up these options well.
It will launch its 250-750 cc range in these countries. In line with developing a good brand, they have also launched their gear collection of motorcycle apparels and accessories in these markets. We will keep a close watch on their future in these markets.
Talking about brand promotions, Mahindra has launched Mojo in India in a very unique way. But first the specs. Its a 300 cc bike with advanced electronic fuel ignition, iridium spark plug, resonator fitted intake system with 21 litres fuel tank and twin exhausts, priced at 1.5 lacs. The way they have branded it, is making social media waves.
They have made Mojo tribe, with a cult like mission and vision documents. This is being actively promoted from Mahindra side. The company also launched this bike with a Long ride undertaken from Pune to Bhopal, by the very men who helped in designing the bike. So the visionaries and the executioners alike drove this bike, while the ride was promoted on media platforms.
We see this as signs of Indian manufacturers appreciating the fact that riding is not just a means of transport, but a lifestyle habit too. We hope that the industry also promotes adequate bike insurance coverage,which is right now lamenting at less then 33% of total Indian bikes on road, despite it being mandatory.
Do keep checking for more interesting stuff that we feel are relevant to the indian motor industry and to read our experts take on Insurance nuances, premium and coverage details.

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