Monsoon Driving Tips

Monsoon driving can be a treacherous task, even for the seasoned drivers. So we thought of putting some key aspects to help you in this road !!

1) Ensure tyres and wipers are in perfect condition. – Most of us ignore these simple checks and end up skidding or compromising on our visibility. Both are dangerous and the resultant damages are much higher than a simple inspection and replacements. Also ensure that your spare tyre is in perfect shape.

2) Drive slow : Enjoy the rains, the roads and don’t race. In fact it is strongly advised to drive below your normal speed, since the roads are slippery and even normal speeds can make the car skid.

3) Keep safe distances : It usually takes atleast 50% more space for your braking, than normal. Also note that in monsoons there is higher probability of the car in front to brake suddenly :). You will be better off maintaining the distance from the front vehicle.

4) Do not hesitate to use your head lights and reflectors as often as required. Since the visibility is low due to rains, extra lights or reflectors highlight your position and speed. This helps is avoiding accidents and gives you enhanced visibility too.

You should keep these tips in mind whenever you venture out in the monsoons. Hope that you enjoy the rains without getting stuck in it 🙂


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