Peak Monsoon : How not to lose insurance !

The insurance claims rate is highest during monsoon season. Simple reason being that there are increased likelihood or roadside accidents, and water related damages during this time.

One of the most common occurrences is that of engine seizures. This happens when the car gets stuck in water, and the water enters into the engines. If the driver tries to start the engine in such situation, there is a high likelihood that the engine will seize. There are also increased chances of damages to the undercarriage of the engine due to water. The cost of repairs of engine damages are very high, and usually this type is not covered in your basic insurance plan.

Precaution should be taken not to start the engines if the car has stopped in middle of flood waters. It is recommended that the vehicle is properly inspected and towed away. Keep in mind that any efforts to restart the vehicle can lead to extensive damages, not covered in normal insurance policy.

Additional Engine protector add on cover should be taken to cover for engine damages. This comes at a nominal additional cost and can be taken with your present insurance renewal as well.

Read our initial post of Zero Depreciation cover for your vehicle and its benefits too. These add ons typically cost around 0.2% to 0.25% of the IDV of your vehicle.

Another important add on for the monsoons is the roadside assistance. This cover is provided by most insurers and will come handy when you get stuck. Coupled with Engine protector, this can make your monsoon hassle-free.

So, enjoy the monsoons and drive safe !!


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