Car insurance agent

Car Insurance agent is an entity(person) who advises you in getting your car Insured. He / She is an intermediary that increases the distribution reach of the insurance companies to reach out to customers like you. Therefor they are a critical part of the insurance industry. It is the role and responsibility of the Car insurance agent to advise you (without coaxing or enticing you) for the right policy as per your requirements. They cannot offer any incentive or cash return, in exchange for your taking a particular policy. Also, the insurance agents need to pass the IRDA certifications for selling insurance product.

Traditionally, the car insurance agent model in India was governed by a outbound telecalling setup, where a telecaller would call you asking about your insurance requirements and upon your positive response !! (Which was highly improbable), she would direct a document collection executive to meet you for your documents and requirements. Finally, some knowledgeable person in Insurance (the real car insurance agent) would give you a quote, take a cheque and close the process.

While the process gave immense reach to Insurance providers, it also brought 2 demerits with itself. First, the customer could not initiate a request from his side. For that he would have to visit the nearest bank branch or wait for these calls. Another, that he could not compare different policies, since he could not ask for multiple quotes from the bank branch 🙂

With the advent of Internet, the ease of applying online, without perky calls has started. Website like ours, guide you to fulfill your requirements.

So with the ease of comparing multiple insurance policies online, the system now truly makes customer as the king.
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