Car insurance claim

This is the moment of truth !! This is the part where all the money that you have paid over last years, or several years come to your rescue. Car insurance claim is the most important part of Car insurance, and we should be careful on how to go about this process.

In the event that there is an accident, or your vehicle gets stolen, you can approach your insurer with your Car insurance claim. The way to do it is to take the car to a authorized service station and get the following documents in place. We have included here a standard list, however, it is advised to read the list given by your insurer.

  • Duly filled claim form (Can be done at the service centre).
  • RC copy of vehicle.
  • Original estimate of loss & repair invoice (Filled by the service centre).
  • Payment receipt. (in case of non cashless insurance).
  • FIR (if required) – assuming that the damage has been inflicted by a third party.

In case of theft, you also need to submit keys/non traceable certificate and the FIR.

Usually a surveyor from the insurance company will visit the authorized service stations, and gather all these documents, while inspecting the car for damages. They/he will also check if the car insurance claim made is genuine, i.e. the damages are recent, as per your declarations, etc.

Once the surveyor is satisfied with details of your car insurance claim, he will pass on the information to the insurance company. The insurance company will inform the authorized service center on the amount that they will be giving them. usually it is not the entire claim amount. Insurance companies do not pay much for the plastic parts and some other items. A detailed list of how much % will be reimbursed can be seen in your insurance policy documents. You can even ask the insurance advisor for these, but these are usually standard across all insurance companies.
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