Cheap car insurance

This is perhaps the most important annual questions šŸ™‚ ” How do I get cheap car insurance for my car? ”

I am sure most of us, as new car buyers or atĀ insurance renewal stage have asked this. and for perhaps the right reasons, because more often than not , we are sold insurance premiums which are at least 20% higher than what we could have bargained for. The irony is that, even if the car valuation is half of showroom price, the premium isn’t half ever !!

So what is the success mantra for reducing your insurance premium, or getting cheap car insurance?

First and foremost, if you are going for renewal, get the revised quote from your present insurer. usually, this comes automatically in mail). Then use this to explore what other car insurance companies are offering you. Usually , the other firms will give you a lower quote if they see the present insurer providing you No claim bonus, or even otherwise. I.e. If the present insurer is giving you a quote of X rupees, with a no claim bonus, then the other insurance companies will get to know that you have been an ideal customer.. : ) the one who pays the premium but does not crash his car, or claim insurance from the company for the full year. !!

Second, you should declare if there are any security features that you have got installed in your car, for example any branded anti theft device, or anti crash tool. This can convince the insurer to lower your premium, because this lowers your vehicles probability of accident and theft.

Last but not the least, if you compare policies, you would definitely notice at least a 20% difference between the highest and the lowest premium cost.

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