Cheapest car insurance

While it is often the classic Indian psyche to get cheapest car insurance, it is advisable to be mind full of some facts before doing so. This article will take you through what to do to get cheapest car insurance, and most importantly what not to do.

So what is the success mantra for getting cheapest car insurance.

In case of new car, the dealership will push you (or probably just slip it past you) for a high premium insurance. The reason is that they get to make a good commission for this. So the idea is to ask them specifically for the exact preium amount and the cover details. Tell them specifically that you will decide and communicate what premium to take. Depending upon the salesperson, they might be cool about it, or can tell you that its just not possible, as the dealership has a contract with a particular insurance provider.. blah.. blah..!

The point to note is: no one can push any insurance down your throat. If they try to do that, just ask them to confirm the same in writing to you, and you will see the world change 😉

In case of renewal, try to get atleast 3 quotes, including one from your present insurer. It would also suit your cause, if you have a no claim bonus mentioned on your present insurer’s quote letter.

Last, you should pro actively inform the insurance agent about any add on you have installed in your car / vehicle that provide additional security to it. For example, anti theft device, or anti crash device. This will lower the cost even further.

If you do all this smart acts, you would definitely notice at least a 20% difference between the highest and the lowest premium cost.

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