Ahmedabad car insurance

Ahmedabad is the 5th largest city are in India, with over 8.4 Million population. It is a rapidly growing city with the 7th highest city GDP in the country. As of 2014, its estimated GDP was $ 119 Billion. It is the capital of Gujarat and has the second oldest stock exchange of the country.

There are approx 32 lacs vehicles in ahmedabad, and this number is increasing every year. It is also estimated that there are more vehicles being added on the road than the population growth of the country. This is leading to congestion on the roads. It is a matter of concern to most of the local population. But with the rising income across the city and in the state of Gujarat, this is bound to happen.

There are multiple Ahmedabad Car insurance providers in Ahmedabad who provide cashless insurance for vehicles. It is recommended to compare the various policies before you buy.

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