Hyderabad car insurance

Hyderabad is an old city in South India. It was the capital of Andhra Pradesh, and now the capital of Tilangana. It is a meltic pot of traditional and modern businesses. It is called the city of pearl for its business in jewelery and now it is one of the manufacturing hub with Special Economic zones. The city contributes to one-fifth of India’s GDP.

By a broad estimation, there are around 4 million vehicles travelling on hyderabad roads, and the numbers are increasing rapidly , over the years. 74% of the vehicles are 2 wheelers, 15% are 3 wheelers and 3 % is four wheeler. Rest are goods carrying vehicles.

Hyderabad is connected to 3 national highway, linking to 6 states. This makes this city well connected in terms of road network. Thereby giving the car owners a good opportunity to venture out on road trips all around the city.

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