Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage.

Comprehensive Car Insurance is highly recommended and widely accepted. The reason is that it gives you a piece of mind that your insurance costs will be mostly covered by the Insurer. This covers third party and your own vehicle damages as well. Hence it covers cases like theft and personal accident cover. For a small additional sum, You can also include add ons to cover costly accessories.

There are a host of benefits for Comprehensive Car insurance

  • It covers 3rd party liabilities, in case you damage someone and or property.
  • It safeguards you against theft and other losses, as defined in the policy.
  • It can cover additional accessories that you have installed, if you want.
  • Under Cashless claim feature, almost the entire expenses are paid by the company directly to the service centre.
  • Accidental death or permanent total disability may also be covered, which supports the survivors.
  • A comprehensive policy will cover your legal expenses, including lawyer fees.
  • Post accident, you can also avail of towing facility from your insurer, if it is specified.

Lets us illustrate the advantages of taking a comprehensive insurance over a simple third party insurance. Suppose that a person who has a simple third party insurance has an accident with another vehicle or property. In the event, both the third party property and his own car gets damaged. The third party claims a damage of Rs. 1 Lac and the insurance company surveyer okays the amount of 1 lac to him. In this case, the insurance company will pay the third party the amount. But what about your own damages, which lets assume are to the tune of another 1 lac. Since you have not taken a comprehensive insurance, Insurer will not be liable to pay for your own damages. This amount will go from your own pocket. You could have saved this by taking the cover, which would be worth, at max, about 5-8K extra. !!

Also realize that this could have been worse, if you had not taken ANY insurance for your vehicle. Apart from the 2 lac cost, you would be penalized for not taking Insurance at all.

Hence it is highly recommended to always take complete comprehensive car insurance.

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