Car Insurance documents

So you have decided to go ahead with a particular insurance provider for your car insurance. What must be done next.! Simple, the insurance advisor will inform you about some Car insurance documents that you need to arrange, and if you are able to do that, then the processing is going to be very smooth. Take a look at the following list of documents.

  • Driving License : The usual Identity proof, and the affirmation that you are actually eligible  to drive the vehicle that you are trying to ensure !! I wonder, what happens to the people, who own a car but do not know how to drive.. interesting !! please comment below and let me know if you know the answer 🙂
  • Existing policy (if applicable): This is assuming that the Car is atleast a year old. The existing policy is a truckload of information for the new insurance provider. It will show you a pre-assessed details of your car. It will also show details about your last IDV, etc. Most importantly, if the last policy has expired or not. If the policy has expired, then it will take a new survey to access the true value of your car.
  • RC copy / card of the Vehicle.: This details the essential parameters of the vehicle that is being insured, like make, model, year of manufacturing, fuel variant, ownerships etc.
  • Residence address proof. : This is an essential part of the insurance, to ascertain your location. Usually this is the address at which the new insurance policy paper will be sent.
  • Cheque !! : This is the preferred mode of payment for the insurance agent. Remember, NEVER give cash for getting an insurance policy.