Car insurance FAQ

Q : What happens when I update my details on this site ?

A : We send your details to select experts who contact you and advice on the right insurance for your needs. They will call you at your preferred time, so that you dont get distrubed if you dont want to. If a meeting is necessary, then they will take an appointment and meet you to resolve your query.

Q : Do I need to inform someone, if I fit a CNG or LPG kit in my car?

Since this changes the components of the car, and alters its value, this should be informed. You need to inform the RTA (Road transport authority) AND the insurance company about the same. It should reflect in the new RC book/card that you get. The insurance company will cover the cost of the kit, under the section “OD” and also under “TP”.
Q : Is “No Claim bonus” transferable ?

A : Yes, you can continue to avail of your “no claim bonus” even if you switch the insurance service provider. You will need to show the “no claim bonus” letter , or insurance renewal letter to the new insurance provider while taking the quotation from them.


Q : I live is Jodhpur (or any other non-metro location), will your advisors reach me ?

A : We can reach out to most locations in India. In the remote possibility that we are not able to reach you, our experts can guide you online. We can also reach out to those providers who service your location and ask them to reach out to you.


Q : I have not received the physical copy from mail by our last insurance provider ? what do we do now ?

A : Keeping a physical copy in your car is highly recommended. In case you have not received the physical copy by courier, you can also take a printout from your email ID. Usually all insurance companies sent emails with the policy note. In case you have not received the email, you should urgently contact the insurance provider and demand for a duplicate copy, or ask them to resend the cover note.


Q : I have a 2 wheeler, why should I spend Rs. 2000/- on insurance, I might as well spend it on repairs, in case of an accident.

A : This is a widely held view, there are several reasons why you should choose insurance. You can visit our 2 wheeler insurance benefit pages for the same. We would like to reinforce here that third party insurance is mandatory for driving your vehicle in India. Hence it would be against the law, and definitely your own well being, if you do not take insurance.


Q : I have met with an accident, and my vehicle is not under Insurance at present. Can I take a fresh insurance to pay for the damages ?

A : This is one of the most common fears of people who do not take insurance cover for their vehicle. Taking fresh insurance will not cover for already existing damage. In fact, if you take a new insurance, and there has been a break period, where your vehicle was without insurance, then most probably, there will be a surveyor/inspector who will come to inspect your vehicle, before the insurance can be renewed. Hence it is advised that there should not be any delay in renewing your vehicle insurance.