Third party car insurance

Third Party liability insurance or Third party Car insurance is compulsory in India for driving your car, and is asked almost everywhere by the government/police. It covers the cost of loss to the third party, in case of an accident by your vehicle. This amount can go upto 7.5 Lacs , it is also recommended to have this to cover for all unforeseen expenses. In case of a third party damages, a FIR copy is required for claiming insurance amount. For other cases, the documentation list is here:

What are the documents required for Car insurance claims?

Here is the standard list, however, it is advised to read the list given by your insurer.

  • Duly filled claim form (Can be done at the service centre).
  • RC copy of vehicle.
  • Original estimate of loss & repair invoice (Filled by the service centre).
  • Payment receipt. (in case of non cashless insurance).
  • FIR (if required) – assuming that the damage has been inflicted by a third party.

In case of theft, you also need to submit keys/non traceable certificate and the FIR.

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