zero depreciation car insurance

Zero depreciation car insurance (bumper to bumper car insurance)

In the event of an accident, the plastic parts and some other items are claimed upto 50%. Rest 50% has to be paid by users. This pinches especially if you have a expensive vehicle, with costly spares. To cover this, some insurance companies have started promoting Zero depreciation car insurance (also known as bumper to bumper car insurance) which covers these parts, and everything else.

What a zero depreciation car insurance (bumper to bumper insurance) essentially does is that with a clause in your insurance agreement, it waives off the criteria of 50% depreciation on parts. And the bumper to bumper car insurance enables you to claim the entire amount (not literally though) from the insurance company. With a zero depreciation car insurance, you will have to bear at max 1% of the total insurance bill.

In lieu of providing you complete claim, the insurance company charges you with an increased amount in your insurance premium. So its your choice to opt for the bumper to bumper car insurance. If you feel that driving conditions are risky, and your car is very expensive, it is recommended that you go for Zero Depreciation Car Insurance.

Benefits of taking Car insurance:

  • It is mandatory under law and will save you from fines from traffic police.
  • It covers 3rd party liabilities, in case you damage someone and or property.
  • It safeguards you against theft and other losses, as defined in the policy.
  • It can cover additional accessories that you have installed, if you want.
  • Under Cashless claim feature, almost the entire expenses are paid by the company directly to the service centre.
  • Accidental death or permanent total disability may also be covered, which supports the survivors.
  • A comprehensive policy will cover your legal expenses, including lawyer fees.
  • Post accident, you can also avail of towing facility from your insurer, if it is specified.

If you need any assistance in selecting the best insurance for your vehicle for your zero depreciation car insurance, please fill in the form above and get the best bumper to bumper car insurance quote.