Mahindra two wheeler insurance

Mahindra has a impressive line of 2 wheeler offerings. It recently acquired 51% stake in french two wheeler maker Peugeot scooters. Along with its other offerings, Mahinda is showcasing 3 brands for Peugeot scooters, as well as a electric bike of its own making.

Mahindra offers new features to its collection, being a relatively new entrant in Indian 2 wheeler scene. Its dealer network is extensive and growing rapidly. You can get Mahindra two wheeler insurance from a lot of insurance providers. Not having even the basic third party insurance can land you in trouble with government agencies, specially traffic police. On the other side, it also saves you a lot of troubles, in case there is a damage done by your 2 wheeler to any third party. A more sound option is to buy the comprehensive insurance. If this is not taken, then in case of accident, either you will have to pay dearly from their pocket, or take your vehicle to sub standard service stations for 2nd hand spare parts. This leads to a higher lifecycle cost of the vehicle.

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