Bike Insurance

So you have recently bought your first bike. Cool !! I am sure you would have taken an insurance cover for your bike. Or have some of your friends been suggesting to skip it ?

First things first, never ever drive a vehicle without insurance cover. It is not only illegal, but also can cause high unplanned expenses for you. In the event of theft or accident, you stand to loose a lot, if not the entire amount for the bike. Also, if there is an accident involving your bike, and there is a third party damage. The third party can make it legally binding on you to pay for the damage expenses, much more than even the entire cost of your bike.

All this gets taken care of , if you buy a two wheeler insurance cover. With a comprehensive cover, you are not only covered for the any third party damages, but it does cover the cost of repairing the vehicle also. And that too from an authorized service station with genuine parts !

You can read through a lot of articles in this section about the benefits of Two wheeler Insurance. Make sure that you go through each of them to understand the nuances of Two wheeler Insurance. If you need any assistance in selecting the best insurance for your two wheeler, please fill in the form above and get the best insurance quote.