Cheap two wheeler insurance

This is perhaps the most important questions 🙂 ” How do I get cheapest two wheeler Insurance for my dream bike ? ”

This is also important because many bike buyers do not buy or renew bike insurance. Since the cost of bike repairs post accident is lower (compared to car) , consumers feel that they would be better off repairing their bikes post accident. Their rationale is that instead of paying for potential risk coverage, they would rather spend on bike repairs from a local garage. This is a misconception.!

So what is the success mantra for reducing the premium, or getting cheap two wheeler insurance.

The easiest trick is, get the revised quote from your present insurer. usually, this comes automatically in mail). Then use this to explore what other two wheeler insurance companies are offering you. Usually , the other firms will give you a lower quote if they see the present insurer providing you No claim bonus, or even otherwise. I.e. If the present insurer is giving you a quote of X rupees, with a no claim bonus, then the other insurance companies will get to know that you have been an ideal customer.. : ) the one who pays the premium but does not crash his bike, or claim insurance from the company for the full year. !!

If you need any assistance in selecting the best insurance policy for your two wheeler, please fill in the form above and get the best quote..